Tips & Tricks: Trailer Wiring

Wiring is often a dreaded task thought to be too complex for an average homeowner but in reality it’s a simple concept and wiring a trailer can be done by a beginner in about 2 hours.¬†Whether you’re wiring a homemade trailer or replacing the wiring on an old or damaged trailer, the tips and wiring diagrams below will make quick work of your project. Wiring … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Trailer Wiring

Tips & Tricks: Small Engine Gas Issues

Whether it’s a snowblower, lawnmower, generator, weed-eater or any other small engine, its inevitable that you’ll eventually have some issues – often at the beginning of the season when it sat without use for many months. During the first three years of university I worked part-time & summers in a mechanical shop. Since then I still work on small engines regularly as somewhat of a … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Small Engine Gas Issues